“Bazooka Unity”: RNC Invites UK Ex-PM After She Incites GOP to Militant Violence in US

As reported by the BBC in February, former Prime Minister (PM) Liz Truss said it’s time for violence:

…conservatives are now operating in a hostile environment… we essentially need a bigger bazooka in order to be able to deliver…

Truss, the shortest-term PM in the United Kingdom’s (UK) history and the first ex-PM to completely lose any seat in government (due to extreme incompetence), was a featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Given her outlandish calls for domestic terrorism and civil war, as a literal nobody in America who can still seriously damage the political narrative, now she has been invited as an honored guest to the Republican National Convention (RNC).

‘I don’t know who that is’: What Americans think of Truss at Republican convention

Not knowing who she is makes her big stage speech calling for US violence even more dangerous, as it enters the dialogue with authority yet without real attribution.

Seven in ten UK voters have an unfavourable view of Trump – even more than have an unfavourable view of Truss.

Trump is shamelessly using Truss. And you would think Americans could bounce Trump out of office faster than Truss, given he’s worse. Alas.

Obvious game-playing by the RNC to use a disgraced UK PM to stoke violent hate without attribution recalls dangerous Trump rhetoric that called for assassination of his political opponents.

Trump: If Clinton picks judges, “nothing you can do, folks — although the 2nd Amendment people, maybe there is.” […] Sen. Chris Murphy, D-CT, responded on Twitter: “Don’t treat this as a political misstep. It’s an assassination threat, seriously upping the possibility of a national tragedy & crisis.”

Trump responded to loud criticism of his obviously divisive call for assassination by invoking gaslighting propaganda tactics.

It’s called the power of unification…

By “it” he meant assassination. Trump openly called “it” his theory for unification, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, because he believes that killing his opponent… unifies power into him.

Source: “Hit or Miss? The Effect of Assassinations on Institutions and War”, by Benjamin F. Jones and Benjamin A. Olken, Northwestern and MIT, 2001

The GOP regular incitements to violence have now adopted this “unity” phrasing along with some of their more obvious incitements.

In Ohio campaign rally, Trump says there will be a “bloodbath” if he loses November election…

How could they so horribly misuse the word “unity” to campaign for violent disunity in America?

First, don’t discount how calls for unity towards preserving slavery were the defining feature of racist Confederacy secession. White men were tortured and lynched, their mutilated bodies strung up in public displays, if they dared to object to American prosperity being based almost entirely on mass human trafficking. Unity was demanded to prop up the systemic government-sanctioned rape of Black women for profit, with even anti-racist speech facing penalty of gruesome public death by mobs.

John Brown grew tired of torture and murder of abolitionists and called for armed defense against violent “unity” demanded by slavery. Curry’s “Tragic Prelude” impressive mural can be seen in the Kansas State Capitol celebrating his moral conviction to defend Americans against tyranny.

Second, the modern answer is the GOP have shifted their messaging hard towards a well-known reverse meaning used by current domestic terrorists, an encoded white supremacist signal related to extremist “replacement” racist conspiracies.

White Supremacist Propaganda Incidents Soar to Record High in 2023… common slogans include “White unity”…

Notably, at public rallies they leave the “white” part out like they leave their white hoods off.

Unity has been a theme of the Republican convention this week in Milwaukee…

Thus unification through hate, and especially violent hate, is a very old theme in American politics.

“[The organized terror movement after Civil War] stock-in-trade was violence – intimidation and violence. People were beaten, people were flogged, people were lynched, people were shot. People’s homes were raided, they were dragged outdoors and flogged in the streets.” And, he says, the violence often included “truly horrifying sadism”.

What they mean is this:

…a former Ku Klux Klan leader and a current U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana — encouraged listeners to cast their ballots for Trump, saying that “voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage.”

Treason. Meaning you will be put to death if you vote against white power, literally the same threats that were made after the Civil War to stop American Blacks from voting at all.

Colby: On the 29th of October 1869, [the KKK] broke my door open, took me out of bed, took me to the woods and whipped me three hours or more and left me for dead. They said to me, “Do you think you will ever vote another damned Radical ticket?” I said, “If there was an election tomorrow, I would vote the Radical ticket.” They set in and whipped me a thousand licks more, with sticks and straps that had buckles on the ends of them.

Source: Encyclopedia of Alabama, 1 Sept 1868 Tuscaloosa Independent Monitor. The KKK threatened that on March 4, 1869 — the first day of rule by avowed racist Horatio Seymour — would bring lynchings of white Americans (“scalawags” and “carpetbaggers”) who had voted against him. Instead the Presidency was won in a landslide by Civil War hero and civil rights pioneer Ulysses S. Grant)

The brand of bazooka-driven (assassination, bloodbath) “unity” the GOP is talking about is simply white supremacist violence, an 1800s-themed war to put white men into power and remove everyone else.

Two Denver Tesla Crashed Into Each Other

Not only has Tesla failed to deliver a safe vehicle as promised, there’s evidence it’s making roads exponentially less safe for everyone… and especially Tesla owners.

Source: Commerce City Police Department

Two Teslas crashed in Commerce City on Wednesday, sending both drivers to the hospital. According to the Commerce City Police Department, the crash occurred at Landmark Drive and 104th Avenue intersection. The intersection is largely residential, east of Second Creek Open Space and Chambers Road.

While the Tesla CEO often falsely claims his cars have “collision avoidance”, crashes like this prove nobody should be buying his lies.

The company didn’t speculate on how much [their January 2017 press] release might improve safety, but Musk said that the final effect would be massive. “Our target is a 90 percent reduction [in crashes] as the software matures,” he posted on Twitter.

He said 90 percent only because it sounds really good to investors, not in any way basing such stock-pumping claims on facts about actual crashes. And since 2017 what has happened? Tesla safety plummeted, deaths and injuries rocketed.

Source: TeslaDeaths.com

Racist Windbag J.D. Vance Selected for VP, After Calling Trump a New Hitler

The Trump hate campaign has dialed up the stakes, promising supporters to remove all Blacks and Hispanics from government positions. They’ve just selected one of the most wealthy notoriously “anti-poor” racists as VP.

…staunch Trump supporter who has promoted the “Great Replacement Theory” which is rooted solely in racism. […] “It’s not just that Donald Trump doesn’t speak to issues of special concern of minority voters or Black voters, it’s that he seems to like actively antagonizing a lot of the Black voters,” Vance stated on CNN…

Trained in the U.S. Marines as a military “journalist” disinformation expert who then attended Ivy-League school, J.D. Vance took a plumb appointment in Peter Thiel’s infamous anti-democratic venture firm.

Is it any wonder why Vance since then has been campaigning for a cushy non-job to undermine democracy and bring Nazism back, while he notoriously engages in dangerous racist propaganda?

Five experts on hate speech who reviewed [Vance’s] comments confirmed that they promote the baseless racist theory, even though the Republicans don’t mention race directly. […] In Ohio, Vance has already secured a place on the November ballot. He won Trump’s endorsement after embracing many of the former president’s hardline views, including those related to immigration.

That’s a trained military propagandist for you. Spreads racism while claiming to never have used the exact word, as if that’s a defense.

The only time Vance explicitly mentions racism is to accuse others of it, or to claim he can’t possibly be a racist because he married a wealthy Asian woman (he met at Yale) and thus describes his children non-white and his wife not-Christian.

In 2013, he and Usha organised a discussion group on “social decline in white America”…

His wife made her money fighting against Title IX claims in California (rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, and sexual coercion) and clerking for Judge Brett Kavanaugh (credibly accused by multiple women of sexual assault).

Needless to say, his protests never seem to land on wanting to be an anti-racist, instead only viscously accuse others of being the racists. He claims white replacement theory is just him wanting to build a wall, like saying Auschwitz was just Hitler wanting to build a fence.

That’s a trained military propagandist for you. In other words Vance, who wrote a best-selling book to slander successful American Blacks as “aliens“, was literally chosen by Trump as an encoded white supremacist voice to antagonize Black voters.

Even worse, Vance literally admired Trump as an equivalent to Hitler before accepting the VP position.

Vance previously called [Trump] an “idiot”, “noxious” and “reprehensible”… “America’s Hitler”.

To be clear, this was taken positively by Trump.

…the former president said at a rally that Vance was “in love with me” and “kissing my ass.”

What better way for Vance to get on the hate ticket than to regularly unleash so much hate?

Clearly the Vance pick means extremist hate. America has seen this before many times, as Presidential campaigns often have been extremely racist (e.g. Jackson, Seymour, Wilson, Nixon, Reagan, Trump).

After Grant crushed the KKK political platform in 1870s, it rebranded itself a Christian nationalist “America First” platform in 1880s to encode the same racism in Presidential campaigns.

Already the U.S. is seen abroad as under threat from hate groups, much like in 1933 when the Hearst empire tried to put pro-Hitler candidates into government.

Trump’s running mate JD Vance has insulted the UK with his racist ignorance.

Trump and Vance, fraudulent elitists, are running for office on a hateful “let white man rule” ticket like the Civil War never ended.

Elon Musk’s Family Panic of 1988 and Immigration Was Caused by Fall of Apartheid

Some may remember 1988 was the obvious turning point and 1989 was when things got real for racist white nationalists.

The year 1989 will go down as a watershed year in the struggle for a non-racial democracy in South Africa.

Apartheid was ending fast, such that a certain emerald mine owning family was desperate to grab their hordes of ill-gotten wealth and change nationalities.

“All my movements there were by air in small twin-engine aircraft,” Errol said. “Airfields were a cleared grassy plain with two car’s headlights at the threshold and two car’s headlights at the far end. Landing was at night.” […] “Think of the early Wild West, except add jungle, wild animals (and wild humans), and many many things that can kill you,” he added.

So wealthy. The Musk family flew their private planes around and far above the “wild humans” they feared would kill them.

How did they come into such wealth? Elon Musk’s late grandfather, Joshua N. Haldeman (1902 – 1974), was a rich chiropractor in Canada. But in 1950, he fled to South Africa. Why? Because he was under pressure following his 1940 arrest in Canada for being a part of an illegal political organization, Technocracy, founded in the 1920s by Howard Scott.

They used to call it technocracy, but it still was just fascism.

Canada outlawed the political party as it had been determined to be a national security risk (anti-semitic, racist, and Nazi-adjacent).

Haldeman had built a comfortable life for himself in Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital. His chiropractic practice was one of Canada’s largest and allowed him to possess his own airplane and a 20-room home he shared with his wife and four young children. He’d been active in politics, running for both the provincial and national parliaments and even becoming the national chairman of a minor [Social Credit] political party. Meanwhile, he’d never even been to South Africa.

Elon Musk’s grandfather making news with racist “technocracy”. Source: The Leader-Post, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Tue, Oct 8, 1940, Page 16

Haldeman quit after his arrest to start his own extremist political party, before becoming the head of the antisemitic “Social Credit” (SoCred) party in 1946.

In 1947, Norman Jaques even read excerpts of the Protocols [of Elder’s of Zion] into Hansard. In Alberta’s Social Credit party, antisemitism was for many a central plank in their political platform, not to mention part of their Weltanschauung.

Having built a reputation in Canada as racist enemy to democracy and national security risk during WWII, Elon Musk’s grandfather, Joshua Haldeman, then abruptly fled to Africa — a path similar to many Nazis after Hitler’s suicide. Notably he took very public credit for being so racist at the time that he wanted to be seen as a leader promoting the rise of an African white ethno-state.

[Haldeman relocated to South Africa due to] his strong support for the brand-new apartheid regime.

After horrible inhumane oppression through technology used to rapidly amass wealth in the cruel Apartheid system, is it then any wonder why Elon Musk’s family high-tailed back into Canada… to hide their money and avoid accountability when Apartheid failed?

Clearly they believed nobody remembered the family’s legacy of open racism let alone fascist attempts at overthrowing government.

Haldeman was a pro-apartheid, antisemitic conspiracy theorist who blamed much of what bothered him about the world on Jewish financiers.


Haldeman railed against many dark forces that he believed to be propagating these ideas: Jewish bankers, Jewish intellectuals, philanthropic foundations run by Jews, communists, Black leaders, and anyone who supported the overthrow of colonial rule in Africa. “The facts of history show that the White man has always developed the country he inhabits to the benefit of all concerned,” he wrote, peddling stock apartheid propaganda, and “The Black people of Africa have been in close contact with civilization from the earliest times but, on their own, built nothing and discovered nothing, not even the wheel.”

So according to their proud Tweet in 2024 they simply jumped on a plane, left a teenager behind to sell everything they owned including the house in a hurry, because there was a “plan”.

Get the plan? GET IT?

Racists on the run, were in a panic to avoid reconciliation. It is the all too common white nationalist teenage girl carrying big bags of cash with few or no records… plan.

We then had to move immediately to Toronto.

The icing on this awful white supremacist illegal-immigration cake (Elon Musk and his brother lied their way into America) was when Elon joined Peter Thiel, the son of actual German Nazis who also had fled to South Africa to profit from racism, to form… PayPal.

Their business model mysteriously backed by angel investors was using the Internet as a giant money laundry scheme, like a digital Swiss bank account for white nationalist families like theirs fleeing the fall of Apartheid and needing to hide the wealth.

They sold PayPal, used the money to grab power away from others, and ever since have been getting attention for looking like white supremacists who tend to say… who me? Peter Thiel has even claimed lately he hangs around with Nazis because he’s trying to help uncover them.

Know your history, and you can see plainly how the Musk family today in America appears to be aiming for what grandpa Haldeman dreamed up in South Africa — technology used to create and run a white ethnostate dictatorship.

The [Technocracy] movement had a bizarre set of principles: They believed that the world should be run by a totalitarian regime of engineers and scientists based in North America; that these tech overlords would solve all of society’s problems[.]

The Technocracy party “referred to people as numbers (apparently, Musk’s grandfather was 10450-1) and sometimes added Xs to their names.”

Historians note Musk’s ideas that technology can solve most of society’s ills reflect some of the same technocratic beliefs his grandfather promoted. Musk previously said on Twitter, now called X, that Mars should have an established technocracy. He has also named his three children with Grimes — X Æ A-Xii Musk, or X, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, and Techno Mechanicus

Why add an X to everything? Ask the KKK and Nazis. Their versions of an X and the Technocracy are inseparable.

The KKK in 1921 used bi-planes to firebomb Tulsa, Oklahoma. They also dropped racist propaganda leaflets across America. The X (Swastika) was their symbol to denote “luck” in being born “white”.