Tesla Cybertruck Bed Advertised as 6′ in Reality is Only 4’11”

The clown car company called Tesla continues to prove that an obnoxiously-hyped attention-seeking style of technology management results only in… fraud, such as this “Edsel Aztek” bed size discrepancy.

It’s all because of the way Tesla designed the rear bulkhead of the truck’s cabin. It cuts into the bed length the higher you go up. That’s not a good piece of engineering, man. […] That’s right. If the object you intend to carry is over 30” tall, it can only be 4” 11” because it no longer fits in the bed with the tailgate up. For reference, the Ford Maverick – the smallest truck on sale today in the U.S. – has a bed length only five inches shorter than that…

Beware the Tesla marketing, as 6′ actually means under 5′

Imagine working on the team that was advertised as engineering a truck bed 6′ long yet couldn’t even deliver 5′ to production.

Tesla FSD Still Can’t See Pedestrians, Fire Trucks, School Buses, Police Cars, Trains, Utility Poles…

The latest version of Tesla FSD is clearly still a horrible wreck, crashing and killing its way into automotive history as the worst transit technology ever made.

I used to write about the junkyards filling up with all the Tesla product failing to even reach 10,000 miles. Talk about a story that didn’t get enough attention.

Big change, however, seems to be afoot as sprawling Tesla delivery lots around the world are filling up with tens of thousands of unsold inventory. A Tesla crash has taken on another meaning.

While Tesla said it wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to make a $25K car, it’s current inventory is about to need to sell under that price point if at all. Tesla owners know the car they are about to die in is basically the quality level of a 1990s Kia, so they probably shouldn’t have paid more than that in the first place. The average age of Tesla drivers has been plummeting to around 23… as anyone with real life experience no longer would dare get in one.

This move fast and “Heil Hitler” company predictably turns out to be so broken, all fraud all the time, that their products are unsafe at any speed.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is likely to seek enforcement action that could bar Elon Musk from serving as an officer or director of a public company, according to former SEC officials. This move comes as the SEC investigates Musk’s alleged deliberate violation of securities laws…

Massive parking lots holding all the precious metals and batteries soon should be donated, safely parted out to schools for engineering and science classes. Think of all the school buses and bicycles that could be made instead.

Road safety can easily be improved by getting Tesla banned immediately, perhaps as a matter of national security. And kids should learn hands-on about the tragic Titanic of cars that threatened to kill them, their family and friends.

Killed by Scams: Americans Dying From Domestic and Foreign Fraud

The pig butchering news about American idealism is heartbreaking.

It’s theft at a scale so large that investigators are now calling it a mass transfer of wealth from middle-class Americans to criminal gangs. Last year, the FBI estimates, pig butchering scams stole nearly $4 billion from tens of thousands of American victims, a 53% increase from the year before.

Instead of moving up or gaining some future reward they eagerly awaited, victims are instead ruined and even committing suicide.

Their stories are a reflection on Trump constantly manipulating people, and Elon Musk too. Without fraud there would be no Tesla, as many grieving families found out too late to help prevent loas of their loved ones.

The rapid rise of scammers, domestic and foreign, who target the American middle class is symptomatic of a country that lacks necessary defenses against national security levels of fraud.

Scientists Warn SpaceX Starlink May Be Destroying the Earth’s Atmosphere

Scientists started looking at the impact of the military industrial complex SpaceX and discovered the rapidly failing satellite program is likely going to be destroying the earth.

…we’ve only begun to understand the implications of having thousands of retired and malfunctioning satellites burn up in the atmosphere. […]

In total, if constellations from the likes of SpaceX continue to [fail and fall apart] as planned, the levels of aluminum oxides in the atmosphere could increase by a staggering 646 percent over natural levels every year.

And that doesn’t bode well, considering we’ve only begun to study the phenomenon.

The sad thing about the boy who cried wolf fable is that fox did come and it did eat the sheep.

Dan Cziczo is an atmospheric scientist at Purdue University in the US, and a co-author of the recent study that found ozone depleting substances in the stratosphere. He explains to me that the question is whether the new particles from spacecraft will help the formation of these clouds and lead to ozone loss…

I’m reminded of 2016 when we started studying Tesla and very loudly called it a Titanic level disaster, likely to kill far more people than any other car on the road. Early prediction? It can be done. We have been proven right many times over.

The more Tesla the more tragic death. Without fraud there would be no Tesla. Source: Tesladeaths.com

SpaceX satellites, like Tesla cars, intentionally were rushed into public spaces and designed with low standards — lack of concern for impact to environment coupled with careless acceleration.

“Meteors only contain trace amounts of highly conductive metals” Solter-Hunt said. “Satellites, on the other hand, are basically entirely made of superconductive metals.” […]

…Starlink satellites alone will be re-entering at a rate of 23 a day…. “This is approximately 29 tons of satellite re-entry material every day, just for the Starlink megaconstellation,” Solter-Hunt said.

So we’re shifting from trace amounts quickly towards 30 tons of toxicity dumped every day by garbage engineering with little or no understanding of what will happen?

…in the case of SpaceX Starlink 30167, the orbiting broadband router failed to reach its intended orbit and Wednesday night it generated some serious fireworks…

Here’s a hint: Imagine a Tesla car slamming into pedestrians and then a pole, killing people with “some serious fireworks” that require a year’s worth of water poured out to stop toxic chemical plumes from spreading. The constant deadly reality on our streets from garbage engineering and immoral management is set to become the SpaceX story above our heads.

Failure rates have been ramped already into hundreds of their toxic craft falling off course and exploding like a death-trap Tesla, which shifts the discussion to dangerous harms for earth with zero accountability.

SpaceX is becoming little more than the tragic Tesla fraud of the skies.

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