China Indicates Russian Invasion of Ukraine “an irreversible mistake”

Hu Wei in the Shanghai Public Policy Research Association has many harsh words for Russia.

Russia’s ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine has caused great controversy in China, with its supporters and opponents being divided into two implacably opposing sides. This article does not represent any party and, for the judgment and reference of the highest decision-making level in China, this article conducts an objective analysis on the possible war consequences along with their corresponding countermeasure options.


In any case, this military action constitutes an irreversible mistake.


China cannot be tied to Putin and needs to be cut off as soon as possible.

This clarion call for separation comes among reports that Russia is desperate for help with logistics; Putin has been caught begging China for humanitarian aid to feed his now desperately starving and freezing soldiers.

Among the assistance Russia requested was pre-packaged, non-perishable military food kits, known in the US as “meal, ready-to-eat,” or MREs, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The request underscores the basic logistical challenges that military analysts and officials say have stymied Russian progress in Ukraine — and raises questions about the fundamental readiness of the Russian military. Forward-deployed units have routinely outstripped their supply convoys and open source reports have shown Russian troops breaking into grocery stores in search of food as the invasion has progressed. One of the sources suggested that food might be a request that China would be willing to meet, because it stops short of lethal assistance that would be seen as deeply provocative by the west.

Worth noting perhaps is that a Chinese MRE might not be what Russians are used to eating. Americans apparently find them something less than “morale boosting”.

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