PA Tesla Kills Three in “Veered” Head-on Crash

Another day, another Tesla causing a tragic loss of innocent lives. It already appears from the police report that, as in so many previous instances and despite its longevity in the market promising future safety, Tesla’s poor engineering quality and “manslaughtering” design defects led to a “veered” collision with oncoming traffic.

Three people were killed in a car crash in Springfield Township, Fayette County on Sunday, state police said. It happened on Springfield Pike near Mt. Tabor Road around 5:55 p.m.. State Police Trooper Kalee Barnhart said two cars were involved in the crash. Barnart said both cars were sedans. One was a Tesla.

Of course State Police Trooper looking at the scene in rural Pennsylvania said one was a Tesla.

Springfield Pike and Mt. Tabor Road, Pennsylvania. A common two-lane highway very reminiscent of other recent tragic “veered” head-on crashes (Bean Hollow, Lake Tahoe, Idaho).

Police seeing the Tesla deaths first hand, the unusual spike in fatalities caused by Tesla, are warning us don’t get in a Tesla. Don’t let our friends or family get in a Tesla. NHTSA data since January 2023 reveals Tesla has been quietly reporting one fatality in every ten crashes.

Just think for a minute how bad at basic engineering a company has to be to spend a decade enriching themselves with false promises of future safety while building such an unsafe robot that it operates worse and worse every year. Bernie Madoff was jailed for far less fraud.


Encounter a Tesla? Take cover and have the police on speed dial. You’re looking at a loaded rocket launcher being casually waved around in public as if by a big blind and deaf white South African. One might ponder why such humanity-destroying-by-design devices reminiscent of Dr. Death were ever permitted on any public roads.

Guess how long Tesla has known about this exact problem and refused to admit fault, sending customers to a predictable death?

…on the launch of the driver assistance tech, Musk would learn firsthand that a curve on Interstate 405 caused Autopilot, thrown off by the road’s faded lane lines, to steer into and “almost hit” oncoming traffic. Whenever this happened, Musk would “furiously” storm into the Tesla office and proceed to chew out his engineers. “Do something to program this right,” he repeatedly demanded…. “There was just such a gulf between Elon’s goal and the possible” [according to Tesla senior vice president Andrew Baglino]. “He just wasn’t aware of the challenges.”

Clearly documented, from the start Tesla knew they had a head-on collision problem with slight bends in a road. Tesla staff know exactly why they never fixed it. Now guess why they don’t want anyone to talk about it.

Or let’s ask instead, why did the CEO stop making demands it be fixed?

Hint: he doesn’t understand technology. He was thus tricked by his own staff, who played a very cynical game with the sole purpose of stopping his abuse of them even if hundreds of people would die as a result.

…he kept coming back to the fact that people have just two eyes and they can drive the car. […] Clearly, nothing was getting through to Musk. It was only his chief of staff Sam Teller that was able to appease his CEO’s complaints. He came up with a simple solution: getting the lane lines repainted on that pesky curve — which of course, didn’t actually address the underlying problem. “After that, Musk’s Autopilot handled the curve well”.

It handled one curve well because they changed the curve, leaving the car unsafe to drive everywhere else. They altered surroundings to deceive a very gullible CEO, using a simple ruse to make him stop shouting. Handling tin-pot dictator tantrums took precedence over safety engineering and work to preserve lives. These Potemkin villagers failed basic engineering ethics and enabled criminal-level negligence.

The conman promises people things they want, not things that can be delivered.

The CEO, obsessed by fantasy and easily deceived, was manipulated by his own staff into swallowing his own dumb argument that “two eyes” are sufficient enough for safety. They’re NOT, proven by the fact that his own eyes were then easily fooled into dangerous overconfidence. The ruse sadly only worked to stop him from berating them, and the company then continued on an obvious track to kill more and more people unnecessarily.

The engineering inconsistency is a very concerning paradox that proves AI unfit for cars, which those with common sense should recognize as the fundamental issue contributing to a decade of avoidable deadly crashes involving Tesla owners, both as victims and perpetrators.

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